WuiT #013: Andy Wolfer

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Many years ago, Mr. Gary Wolfer once served in the US Air Force and was stationed in Taichung; the central region of Taiwan. Now his son Andy (left) has been living in for almost seven years. He teaches kindergarten in Taipei, and this photo was taken last summer when the Wolfers visited Danshuei, a very well known travel attraction that is packed full of history. We hope you enjoy Taiwan like the Wolfers did.



jingsaws said...

Oh man !! this is another good work too,beside some unpleasant noises,I don't know why to make that ? but "what's up in Taiwan" is still great at their interesting
interviews. keep going ! and hope to see some our native people to do interviews as well in the future. and have more unusual things which may just familiar to us but is
really make a big shock to the foreigners come to Taiwan. Thanks for its the free podcast . I love that very much. it makes me proud to be a Taiwanese.and love more aboutTaiwan !!

hommer said...

unpleasant noises are gone... mostly. i feel much better today, just listen to it one more time, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hah, being in the US Air Force, white and stationed in Taichung, the Las Vegas of Taiwan and banging all taiwanese chicks like you don't care...

I'm sure the boy couldnt resist to step in his fathers shoes.

Enjoy Mr. Wolfer.

Anonymous said...

I've been searching for my old USAF buddies, Bill Bennett & Gary Wolfer stationed at CCKAFB in the mid 60's for years. My name is Bill Mladenka and I live in Freeport, Tx. If you're the same Gary Wolfer, email me at bilkattxhotlx@webtv.net. If not, sorry I bothered you. If Bill Bennett reads this by some weird chance, email me!

Henry said...

Hey Jigsaws,
we're very happy that you enjoy the shows, and thanks for your comments, we have been thinking about interviewing interesting local guests for the show. Andy and I will be working together on some of our future projects as well, so stay tune!

you show host,