WuiT #021: Chris Bryant

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It takes quite an effort for anyone to adapt to a new country, Chris has really mastered living in . He works as a stage designer, owns a car and license, and runs a hostel helping other foreigners get started. If you are looking for a affordable and comfortable place to stay during your adventures through Taiwan, check out Chris’s website, he is one of the friendly people all over the island that is ready to lend a hand.

Special feature: Ancient Chinese Secret...

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Chris的民宿網站:Fortuna Hostel


Anonymous said...

Guys, that was a weak show. Come'on... a commercial show for a Taipei hostel with the uninteresting owner, with stuff like how close it is to the Shida, while it actually moved to... :(

You can do so much better... you have done so much better.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Thanks for your program. We are your faithful listeners from Philadelphia, PA. Keep on the good work!
We have noticed the new sound effect you added on to recent episodes. Perhaps you are trying something new and different. Frankly speaking, it's quite distracting and annoying. Is it possible to do without it?

Thanks for listening, Katherine and Damon

Anonymous said...

I am so surprising for u gays articles and pictures.
Thank u for your work to promote Taiwan.
May I promote(or introduce)your blog in my blog?

Julian Yu said...

That is mostly welcome. Just do it! Thank you!
And don't forget to give us a link so we can pay a visit to your blog.

Anonymous said...

I write an article to promote your blog,


and if u want to leave messages for me,

u can use the function of message.


Julian Yu said...

Katherine and Damon,
I have fixed the sound effect, thanks for the suggestion.

O ISENTO said...
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chris bryant said...

I am almost offended! I've been called dull and boring before but never uninteresting! What you were listening to, Mr Anonymous, was 2 halves of 2 interviews, before and after. Not to be merely biased, but i think Julian and Henry did a pretty good job. nuff said.