WuiT #047: Linda Hinderer

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One of our listeners, a student at Yang Ming University invited Henry to be a judge in the Toastmaster English Speech Competition. There, we met Linda who was one of the other judges and asked her to be in our show.

Linda has been in Taiwan for 25 years now, volunteering for many non-profit organizations. Currently, she works in The Garden of Hope Foundation which is working to end sexual abuse and domestic violence. We did the interview in her house, the same place that housed the many abused girls she helped to rescue.

We pay our respects to Linda for her devotion to .

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Henry因為主持What's up in Taiwan,受到節目的聽眾、陽明大學學生Tom的邀請,擔任Toastmaster英語演講比賽的評審,當天我們認識了也是評審之一的Linda,經過邀約,她答應接受我們的訪問。




Nathan Miller said...

Looking forward to listening to this tonight!

Nathan Miller said...

love listening to Americans talk about life in Asia, especially folks who have lived outside the US for over 20 years...
I wish she would have spoke more Chinese...or perhaps the dialect she has picked up since she has lived in Taiwan...

Tom on behalf of YMTMC said...

Wow! That's Linda Hinderer! ^ ^
We've been treated to her place once. She's really a nice lady. Aged she is, gentleness exudes from her countenance. And all we Yang Ming Toastmasters like her a lot.

Thanks for being one of our judges for the speech contest. You're so fantastic!!! We feel honored to have a SUPER show host being our judge. :p

Utmost Appreciation
and faithfully yours,

yichenmu said...

Hey, this is truly a great show and such a genius idea to promote Taiwan. As a taiwanese living in New York City, I learned about "what's truly up in Taiwan" more than reading news online. Linda was making so many good points in this episode. I cannot wait to download more shows and spread the good news among friends here! BTW I discovered this pobcast quite randomly when I was googling who Jae Chong was.

Henry said...

Thanks for the support Yichenmu! Just wondering why you were googling about Jae Chong? You are music fan?

your show host,