WuiT #053: Robin Erik Ruizendaal

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Robin Erik Ruizendaal is the Administrator of the Lin Liu-Hsin Puppet Theatre Museum; he has been living in for the last 13 years. Dr. Ruizendaal earned a Ph.D. in Chinese studies from Leiden University in the Netherlands over 20 years ago, and he has been doing research on puppet theaters ever since, including extensive fieldwork in China and South-East Asia.

He is also the Administrator as well as the Artistic Director of the Taiyuan Puppet Theatre Company and Museum. He has written and directed quite a number of plays for both actors and puppets. His plays have been performed in over 20 countries.

In November 2005, the TTT Puppet Center moved to a permanent residence generously donated by Mrs. Lin, the widow of late Mr. Lin Liu-Hsin. In return for such generosity, the Center changed its name to Lin Liu-Hsin Puppet Theatre Museum.

The Museum is located on Xi-Ning North Road, Dadaocheng, one of the oldest districts of Taipei and just a few steps from the Danshui Pier off historical Dihua Street. There are over 7,000 puppets in their collection, and there are over 300 performances each year. The show being presented this particular month is "The Child in the Elevator" about time travel; please check it out if you can.

Last but not least, we would like to show our appreciation for Caroline Gluck for her introduction to Robin so we may complete this Interview. Caroline Is a journalist with BBC. Although she has declined our Invitation as a guest for a future episode, we are still hoping she might change her mind.

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在此要特別感謝Caroline Gluck小姐的推薦,讓我們能完成這次的訪問,Caroline是BBC的記者,雖然她婉拒我們訪問,我們還是希望她能改變主意。


Nathan Miller said...

Wow, that was a great interview. I really loved the music at the end. 7000 puppets, wow, that is a lot...they have always kinda creeped me out, however I have never seen a traditional show...really got me interested...

david on formosa said...

I couldn't get the podcast to download in iTunes. It has only failed this week. Every week before that I have had no problems.

Anonymous said...

David, thank you for the feedback, I'll check on it...

Ian A. said...

This was a good interview- subject was interesting.

Although I actually enjoy some of the more 'everyday' conversations you have sometimes.

Its good that you are able to switch gears between silly and serious interviews.

Henry said...

Thanks Ian, we do try to bring as much variety as possible to our little podcast. Please continue to stay involved, all of your thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated, even bad ones...(SIGH)...That goes for you too Nathan.

Rock on!

your show host,