WuiT #058: Elias Ek (part 2)

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This week’s episode is a continuation of our interview with Elias. It is quite a thrilling experience talking with an enthusiastic entrepreneur, and Elisa shared his thoughts about Taiwan without holding anything back. Especially when he spoke about promoting Taiwan to the foreigners from all over the world, also helping the foreigners adapt, especially those whom have made Taiwan their new residency. There is a lot of space for improvements when it comes to our government and he would encourage the foreign friends here to participate so their opinions and feelings can be regarded seriously and taken care of effectively, another main objective for our show ever since we started a year ago.

We would like our listeners out there to help us promote “What’s up in Taiwan”, so more people can be heard through our program. We also welcome any letters of comments and suggestions as well as voice mail, so we can always be bettering this little podcast.

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Ian said...

Just because he likes Ang Lee's movies and speaks like a woman, does NOT make him gay!


Anyway this was another good epp. I really liked the comments made about Taiwan's presentation.

Nathan Miller said...

Liked this one too...
I was in Taiwan over the last 10 days, and his comment on getting over all the ugly stuff to find something beautiful really hit the nail on the head...

I would love to hear someone talk about the 阿美族 or any aboringinal tribe in Taiwan...

ahhh...I should have a couple videos up in a few days!

Hai Tien said...

Very good interview. Having spent 5 years of elementary and middle school in the Taiwanese educational system I can empathize with the commentary on the general lack of creativity here.

I sometimes wonder if the general lack of national pride has anything to do with it. Taiwanese on the whole are (usually) comparatively open minded and accepting of foreign ideas and products (probably comes with being an island nation), but sometimes I wonder if that comes at the expense of stopping to think about who we are, or ways to improve ourselves. Oftentimes I see people prefer foreign products simply because they are foreign (though in the case of TV dramas I have to agree that most locally produced content is crap).

The exception to this seems to be Taiwan Beer and Tatung rice cookers. ;)