WuiT #001: Mark Gurecki

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Mark is a teacher in . His Taiwanese experience is: been in for quite a while, a rebellious guy that learned to bow and smile with a peace of mind. He said that is a must see, and do not forget to try Fang’s dumpling in Tian-Mu!



Anonymous said...

Very good. I like your podcast. I look forward to your next episode. Francis

Francis said...

very good. look forward to your next episode. you may consider to attach video clips.

Anonymous said...

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jian said...


I like the part "Pie xie, Bien so di du we!!"


Anonymous said...

We would love to learn more about Mr. Gurecki. How tall is the man? Is he single and/or does he have any interest in meeting attractive young ladies for a late night of dancing? What color are his eyes. Would you please ask him to address us, verbally, concerning his idea of a perfect first date? Love - That Lovely Lady you left in Caracas!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mark.
I live in Taipei also and would love to meet with you. You look as if you and I have many things in common. I am very interested in interior decorating and collecting Chinese antiques.
Please give me a call on 2873 9900 or 0916 572 701.
Maybe we could go for a gym workout together or just have coffee.
Please call me.

Helsic said...

Amazing program! Very fresh! I love it!
thank U!