WuiT #002: David Freeman

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David spent most of his life on this island. He moved to with his parents at the age of 3 to help kids with polio in Bingdong. David later returned to The States for college and worked as a stockbroker in Seattle. His wife Jenny is a nurse; they eventually decided to move back to Taiwan after a few years. He said that if you enjoy the outdoors, you have to see how beautiful Taiwan is.



Francis said...

Very nice to hear your second episode. I have been staying in Britain for 4 years. I have found that Taiwan is usually ignored by europeans. (well, most brits go to Australia or Thailand for holidays) and Americans are more familiar with Taiwan than Europeans. I am wondering if you could interveiw some europeans living in Taiwan or been to Taiwan to see if they have different point of view.

Anonymous said...
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Stephen said...


Congratulations on your interview with Father Jerry Martinson.

The Jesuits are the bright lights of the Catholic Church and you brought that out in your interview with Father Jerry.

Good job, Dude. Your mother sends her love too.

Merry Christmas. We miss you,


Michael Turton said...

Great stuff. I just used it in my simultaneous translation class.