WuiT #006: Michael Palmer

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Michael is a web designer (visit his website); he came to Taiwan to study Chinese on short term basis. Other than taking classes, he also enjoy reading comic books and learning about Chinese idiom to improve his language skills, but he never tried the news on Taiwanese TV because it's a bit too much for him to handle. He also has some suggestions for bikers in .

Michael是一位來自澳洲的網頁設計師,他來台灣學中文,除了在文化大學外語中心上短期的課程之外,也閱讀漫畫和成語來提升中文能力,但是對於電視新聞他就失去興趣了... 大家可以聽聽看外國朋友對台灣新聞節目的看法。


Phil Smurthwaite said...

Fantastic insight into Tawain and getting around on a bike or otherwise. I live in Melbourne Australia and I agree about the trains being threatening at times here.
I'm a friend of Mike's and played a fantastic gig with him overlooking a beautiful bay in Southern Victoria the day before he flew back to Tawain.
Tawain sounds really interesting and safe and exciting and hearing about it makes me want to save up and come over and visit him!

Joan Chuang said...

Good points on the view of Taiwan's news channels. They just do not have in depth reports, but a lot of gossips. That is why I don't like to watch them when I was in Taiwan. I also feel Taipei's MRT system is pretty good as I've been in Taipei for one year. I am a Taiwanese friend of Mike's, and currently living in Melbourne. He is an interesting guy who loves adventures. We miss the time while he was around.

Nana Chen said...

Mike, I totally agree with you about Taiwanese news. Help me! The final straw was news headlines about a group of girls' cup sizes. National news! And it might have been on the same night when reporters and cameramen followed a dying man on a fast moving stretcher while doctors tried to pump air into him. There are limits. No thanks. I'll check the weather elsewhere.

On a much more positive note, I'd like to mention that Mike is an excellent violinist of the advanced variety! The man has talent. He also designed my website, which is just gorgeous. So, if you need a website...he's it! Thank you, Mike!

Francis said...

This is a very good programme and still improving. I look forward to listening more from this Podcast.

claireclaire said...

Couldn't agree more with Mike on the view of Taiwan news. Taiwan media has plenty of room for improvement. And personally I feel more strongly about the point on the international news...

Sweson Yang said...

As a bike enthusiast, you might want to try out the Tung Shih Bike Trial in Feng Yuan and stop by Yi Hua Bakery owned by my brother by the MaChu Temple to sample the famous Salty Sponge Cake and other goodies.