WuiT #005: DJ Saucey

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DJ Saucey is the Master of Spin from Vancouver Canada; His style varies from Deep House, Funk to Tribal (visit Saucey's website). He is currently residing in Taipei, with a residency on Friday nights at Luxy, one of Taipei's hottest clubs. We like to let you know more about the night life of Taiwan, especially during the New Year holidays, but little did we expect, a DJ is always busy working while the rest of us are counting down on the dance floor, be grateful, guys! Anyway, check out DJ Saucey's first podcast interview exclusively on What's up in Taiwan podcast!

DJ Saucey來自加拿大溫哥華,目前每個週末固定在台北Luxy擔任DJ。我們本來想在新年假期介紹一下台北的夜生活,但是沒想到也是DJ們最忙的時候,不過還是可以聽聽DJ Saucey對台北夜店的看法,這也是他第一次接受Podcast的訪問,請收聽What's up in Taiwan的獨家報導。

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