WuiT #004: Brook Hall

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Brook Hall (Left) is a trained dancer with many years of experiences under his belt, performed in a variety of countries around the world including New York City. He is highly professional and has a real passion for performing. He can be seen often in television commercials in . Brook has very high hopes for the development of Taiwan’s entertainment industry. Also being a , he has an interesting little story to share with everyone.

Brook Hall(左)是一位舞蹈家,也是素食者,他進了一家葷食的路邊小吃店準備用餐,店裡唯一的一位店員、同時也是老闆兼主廚,丟下整家店和幾位食客不顧,騎上機車去附近買回素食招待他,哪個地方有這樣的老闆?

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