WuiT #015: Stuart Morrow

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We met up with Stuart Morrow at "Frying Scotsman" restaurant in downtown Taipei, the plan was to talk about since Stuart is from Northern Ireland. He thinks of himself as the kind of foreigner that loves to complain, but we actually thought he was quite nice. He is also a member of Forumosa's moderator team; which is the largest BBS site for foreigners in . This interview talks about Taiwanese and Irish drinking culture in comparison, check it out.
Also, congratulations to Mr. for winning the best director's award at the Oscars, the very 1st Asian to achieve such an honor in 78 years. By the way, did we mention that he is Taiwanese?

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Henry提醒我愛爾蘭聖派崔克日快到了(St. Patrick's Day 三月十七日),於是我一直想找一位愛爾蘭籍的朋友上節目,最後透由Forumosa.com的站長Gus Adapon介紹,訪問了這位Stuart Morrow先生。Stuart在假日常去爬山,他在節目中又提到了風景區的亂丟垃圾問題,我都剪掉了,因為之前的來賓也一再提過,不想重複。但是他的觀點很有趣,他說那些地方,應該都是愛爬山的人才會去地方,怎麼忍心這樣破壞?值得我們反省。



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