WuiT #019: Kevin Skelly

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Kevin Skelly is a Scotsman who has been living in for a very long time; maybe a little too long. He has traveled through many countries since he was a teenager and ended up on this beautiful island as his permanent home, lucky us. With a lousy sense of humor and his amazing skills as a percussionist; Kevin has become one of the well-received individuals in Taipei; foreigners and locals alike. I’m sure you will understand why if you can actually sit through the interview.

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Anonymous said...

this would have been a great interview w/o the commentaries! Kevin's experiences sounded interesting.

Anonymous said...

This surely is the funniest of all the "What's Up in Taiwan." Kevin is so humourous!

Ian said...

He looks almost exactly like my dad.

Seal&Vito said...

dear ole Scottish accent