WuiT #018: Michael Caine

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Born Kevin Skelly in Scotland, Michael Caine was the son of a fish-market porter and a charlady. He left school at 15 and took a series of working-class jobs before serving with the Scottish army in (or Taiwan? whatever...) during the Iraq War, where he saw combat. Upon his return to Scotland he gravitated toward the theater and got a job as an assistant of the assistant of stage manager. He adopted the name of Caine on the advice of his agent, taking it from a "Keira Knightley" marquee. In the years that followed he worked in more than 100 video porns, with repertory companies throughout (or Thailand? whatever...) and eventually in the stage hit, "The Squatter on Di-Hwa Street."

Michael Caine來台拍攝高粱酒的電視廣告,收工後在一間小酒吧接受Henry的訪問。


Tom said...

He's so strange.
Why interview a freak?

Fred said...

So Who is the Guy anyway??

Mike said...

Why is this such a big deal? Let's be thankful for the color!

Anonymous said...

this episode is suppose to be a joke. come on people!

Peter said...

From what I can tell, this is a guy who's name happens to be Michael Caine but is not THE Michael Caine we all know and love. This other guy sounds like or can impersonate THE Michael Caine pretty well though.

Or, maybe not? I don't know. I enjoyed it a bit anyway, but I hope the regulare interviews start up again after this brief sidetrip.