WuiT #017: Morley Robertson

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Morley Robertson is a musician, a writer, a well-known DJ, and a podcaster (visit his website), he and his partner Miss Kono Asako visited to do some location hunting. They just finished their first film project and is currently preparing for the next one. You can see how much enthusiasm they have from their first film “Fumon Utagoe”. We talked about many things that day during the interview exchange; it was a great opportunity to learn from others from distant places that are doing the same things as us – podcasting.

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首度訪問來自日本的朋友Morley Robertson,他其實是在美國出生,所以精通英、日文。這次來台灣尋找下一部短片的外景,也需要一些這裡的演員,希望有興趣參與獨立製作的朋友與我連絡,也非常歡迎聽眾前往Morley的網站觀賞他們製作的第一部短片【Fumon Utagoe】,或是前往收聽Morley以英文訪問Henry和我的錄音。



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I thought more Taiwanese drink Taiwan Beer than the other foreign brands... =T Although the cars comment is accurate (but then Taiwan doesn't really make cars).

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Love this interview!