WuiT #016: Scott K. Oelkers

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A creative commercial has made Domino's Pizza into a very well-known franchise in , but adjusting their menu to meet the needs of the consumers here is truly the reason that made Domino’s a leader in the market. Mr. Scott Oelkers, managing director and the actor in the commercials will share his secret to success in this interview. After meeting him in person, we though Mr. Oelkers is really above all an entrepreneur and a real gentleman.

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Mr. Scott K. Oelkers,歐陽心諾先生,誰?就是電視上不停問你“達美樂!打了沒?”的那位老外。歐陽先生十九歲(1979年)就來台灣擔任摩門教傳教士,因為他的好奇心,學會不少中文,也因此有機緣在九零年初,來台灣經營達美樂披薩。該公司行銷部經理余雯玲小姐,接到我用菜英文寫的邀情函,立刻幫我們安排訪問,順便在此致謝!


Michael Turton said...

He looks like John Cleese!

I'm going to use some of your podcasts in my Tourism English class. I'll let you know how it goes.


cleverCLAIRE said...

That is a familiar face and voice! Now I'm hungry for some 達美樂 pizza, too.

Anonymous said...

I got to your blog/podcast from Yahoo, after discovering podcast for the first time. I think your work is very professionally done. The interviews are well preped and the sites are easy to navigate.

Keep up the good work!
Jack, Pullman, WA USA

Henry said...

Hey Jack,
thanks for the compliment and support, we will do our very best not to disappoint you. Tell your friends about us!

Show Host,


Jen said...

I find this episode very enjoyable. Thanks guys for your good work!