WuiT #020: Joanne Huskey

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We have wanted to do a show about the National Palace Museum for a long time, and we were fortunate enough to meet the brilliant Mrs. Joanne Huskey. She is a volunteer docent at the museum and lived in numerous countries due to her husband’s work in Foreign Services. At the end of the interview, Mrs. Huskey wanted to know why we are doing this show; she actually said it for us during her interview by calling an “unknown treasure”, not to be confused with any other Chinese-based countries in the world.

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我們最想做關於故宮博物院的介紹,經過聯繫,終於訪問到一位在故宮擔任英語導覽的外籍志工:Joanne Huskey。她是外交官的妻子,希望在駐台期間能多了解中國文化,便報名參加了英語導覽的課程,訪問前我們想請她示範一小段導覽,當作節目的開場,沒想到Joanne帶我們參觀了一個多小時的文物,我們已經做了全程錄音,希望在最短的時間內,可以取得相關文物的照片,做一個完整的故宮導覽Podcast發佈。

這次的訪問我個人很滿意,因為受訪者說出了我們製作這個節目的動機與目的,台灣是一個"unknown treasure"。在此要特別感謝故宮博物院林曼麗院長,以及幫我們聯繫的張小姐。


Kaf said...

I really like this episode!

Thank you for the work!

Henry said...

Thanks, we do what we can, still trying to post the tour conducted by Mrs. Huskey. Please stay tune for that...


smurfett820 said...

i loved this episode! One of the best ones recently.

Jerry said...

I'm really fascinated by Mrs.Husky. Her excitment in everything about Taiwan cheers me up and makes me want to re-visit Palace Museum. When was the last visit I paid..eh..almost ten years .Tee-hee!

Manto said...

Hi Henry & Julian,
I love your podcast show so much.
It's a kind of novelty to learn about your own place through Eng. and foreigners' point of view.I don't know... I often cry over the very little tiny things guests describe about Taiwan,burting into tears to be exact. You guys really know how to make people cry.><~

I'll stay tuned to it for as long as its existence.

Keep it up!


Henry said...

Dear Manto,
we are so glad that you enjoy the show! And please understand that we feel very much the same way interviewing our guest, to hear them rave about our motherland can bring tears to anyone of this island. Please continue to support our show and tell everyone about us, thanks!

your show host,


Vicky said...