WuiT #024: Phillip Alan Epps

Filed Under: Environmental issues, Exporter of technology, Long-Shan Temple
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Phillip is currently working in Hong Kong in his own company as a producer (visit his website), we were chatting with him just the other day over the internet He said that he is beginning to miss the great people and parties of after being away for a short while, I am sure that those of you that has lived in Taiwan before can totally identify with Phillip. We do want to thank him again for being our guest; he mentioned in the interview that he is formerly a journalist; which means that he is usually the one asking the questions.

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Spression said...

I enjoyed this interview because Phillip is so articulate. He also gave some useful criticism of Taiwan. I agree with his comments and hope that this lovely island continues to find solutions to the problem of pollution.

Thanks, everyone, for the podcasts!

smurfett820 said...

The audio quality of the blog was kind of lacking; couldn't hear the interviewer. But I liked Phillip's insight on Taiwan. I espeically loved your explanatory info at the end of the podcast. You don't do that anymore but it's really helpful for people visiting!

Julian Yu said...

Hi smurfett820, We had been trying a lot of things while we're producing this podcast, but sometime if there is no feedback from our listeners, we will forget the thing we did, thank you for reminding me!

Phillip Epps said...

Thanks goes to Henry and Julian for taking the time and energy to develop such a wonderful medium. Best of luck guys!