WuiT #025: Jae Chong

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Hip-Hop Music is taking over the world! And is currently under heavy attack. We interviewed a talented and popular music producer Jae Chong, understanding that music really makes the world go around, regardless if you’re Korean, American, or Taiwanese. Don’t you think this is a funny picture of Jae? All the pictures we got from him were Jae with big celebrities, standing next to his expensive car, wearing a lot of bling-bling… Huh, the life of a music producer…

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Jae Chong是韓裔美籍的音樂人,1992年Solid樂團的成員,當時為韓國最暢銷的音樂團體,1997年Solid解散,Jae便開始製作、寫曲與編曲的幕後工作,從當年的L.A. Boyz,到現在的麻吉,Jae都是最重要的幕後功臣,其它合作的歌手還包括李玟、阿妹、李玖哲、Will Smith... 等中、韓、美各國藝人,目前可說是樂壇炙手可熱的金牌製作人。

我和Jae其實有過兩次的"合作",都是這位和他在美國一起長大的好朋友-黃立行的專輯Show me your demons, 又不是真的愛),不過也一直到訪問當天才見到他本尊。Jae在訪問中提到九零年代韓國封閉的情況,他的助理接到講英文的電話就直接掛斷,韓國的娛樂產業也沒有任何電影、電視、流行音樂的出口,但是現在全球卻吹起一陣韓風!


Anonymous said...

hey there! Luv ur blog...keep the posts coming!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, but I must say that your blog is too America-centric. I hope you'll interview people from countries other than the US. Thanks. Keep going then.

Anonymous said...

Believe me, I really love to get more interviewees from all other countries from day one. Just have to try harder... thank you for your advice!