WuiT #026: Sean McCormack

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If you are thinking about owning a dog
CNR and Shout Out

For the members of Forumosa.com, here is your hero!
Sean has given us so much important information for animal care that it was quite impossible to fit them all into the show, we decided to separate them into different audio files, they are very educational and worth listening to. If you are thinking about owning a pet and understanding the necessary precautions, or perhaps you would like to know more about the CNR method that Sean spoke of “Catch-Neuter-Return”. Also, here are some links to help you get more involved with this great cause.

Animals Taiwan
Environment & Animal Society of Taiwan
All-Creatures Org

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透過第15集來賓Stuart Morrow的介紹,我們訪問了Forumosa網站裡的英雄人物Sean McCormack。


Spression said...

wow! I learned a lot about how to manage the stray dog problem. When I was in Taiwan, I was dismayed at the suffering of so many animals. Happy that Sean and others and working to educate people. Thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

same here!!!
im SOO glad finally someone has stepped up to face the issues of the stray dogs/cats problem in Taiwan~I will be going to Taiwan soon, will try and see if I can be of any help by maybe foster one or two dogs.
Keep up the good work Sean!~~~

Anonymous said...

I think should be an education programm in Taiwan. Because people don't really treat animals well here. sometimes they say that foreigners love animals, we do, because our parents and teacher teach us to care and respect pets . animals are not for food or fun, they feel, they want to live.