WuiT #027: SPOON de CHOP

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It is always very lively during the weekends on Yongkang Street in Taipei. There are always long lines for the world famous Din Tai Fung Dumpling House to Ice Monster's mango slushy ice, not to mention the bookstores, cafes, and local stationary and novelty shops filled with unique characters. It is certainly one of the best spots to spend your weekends for the people of Taipei.

When it gets close to 7:30 on Saturday evenings, crowd starts to gather at Yongkang Parks, some are just curious bystanders, and some are devoted fans of SPOON de CHOP. The band’s set up in completely unplugged, which means that you have to get a little closer to be entertained. The lead singer Rei is from Japan, and the banjo player Joe is from Indiana. They met in and shared their love for music, so they decided to perform in the park on Saturdays. Their music includes Mandarin, Japanese, English, and Taiwanese folk songs.

SPOON de CHOP is definitely not your typical street performers waiting for a generous donation dropped into their guitar cases, no way! This is a stadium rock concert for them! Rei gets the crowd really psyched up as they clap and sing along with the music, and if you are in the mood to show your appreciation, an ice cold 6 pack from the convenient store is always welcomed. At the end of the show when the band is nice and buzzed from the excitement and the free beers, many stay after to take pictures with their favorite members and ask for autographs.

If you are looking for something fun to do this coming weekend in Taipei, we will see you here at 7:30.

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到了晚上七點半,永康公園的角落開始有人群聚集,有的來看熱鬧,有的是長期SPOON de CHOP的粉絲,因為沒有音響設備,想聽清楚必須靠近一點,主唱是來自日本的Rei,另一位彈奏斑鳩琴的Joe來自美國,他們在台灣認識,因為都喜歡音樂,便固定每個週末在永康公園走唱,曲目包括國語歌、日本歌、台灣民謠。

別以為他們只是一首接一首的演唱,然後偶爾有慷慨的路人走過,把一些零錢丟進他們的吉他箱子裡;不不不... SPOON de CHOP把這場子當成大型演唱會在做,Rei不僅要聽眾跟著打拍子,還會和聽眾聊天互動,如果你聽的高興,就去買一手啤酒來和大家分享,等到表演者差不多都喝醉要結束了,歌迷也很稱職的要求安可曲,然後拍拍照片、簽簽名,下個週末如果沒事,這裡再見。

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one of my favorite episodes!!! i LOVE this podcast!!! it keeps me entertained during work :)