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The Labor Representative of Manila Economic and Cultural Office Mr. Reynaldo Gopez has been stationed in for nearly 2 years. It is hard to believe that there are almost 96 thousands Pilipino workers in Taiwan until we heard it from him.

Mr. Gopez is a hardworking man that spends long hours in the office, he said he never had the opportunity to really absorb the island of Taiwan, but he feels that the young people here are very polite, and it is also a very safe place to stay.

We posted the show at this time in celebration of the independence day of The Philippine Islands (June 12th of every year). The M.E.C.O. Office always provide a special activity, and it is at Beishin elementary school in Taipei County this year. Scheduled on June 11th on a Sunday, everyone is welcomed.

If you are interested in The Philippines, here is a great Podcast for you: Pinoy Podcast

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馬尼拉經濟文化辦事處(Manila Economic and Cultural Office)主任Reynaldo Gopez派駐台灣將近兩年, 如果不是他親自告訴我們,其實很難想像目前有將近九萬六千名菲律賓籍勞工在台灣工作。


這集節目的播出時間是為了配合菲律賓的獨立節(6月12日),每年馬尼拉經濟文化辦事處都會舉行特別的慶祝活動,今年是在台北縣新店的北新國小,時間是6月11日星期天,Gopez先生歡迎大家去玩 。

對菲律賓有興趣的朋友,也可以參考我們的朋友 Manuel Viloria製作的Pinoy Podcast

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