WuiT #029: Anthony van Dyck

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Starting a new life in any foreign country can be a tough task for anyone. Everything from filing taxes to buying groceries can be a problem if you don’t have the right resources to turn to. It just so happens that there is a group of hospitable foreigners in that are more than willing to help, and they have been doing it for quite a while now.

Forumosa.com is administrated by Gus Adapon and Anthony van Dyck with other associates, it is a non-profit website aimed to help the westerners on the island from anything to everything. We have gotten our share of assistance from them in regards of finding interesting guests, recommending helpful links on the web, and there are plans of further calibrations if possible. It is almost like a database of “What’s up in Taiwan”.

We highly urge any new residents of Taiwan to sign up as soon as you can, it can help you get started, and perhaps you can help others later when they decide to make Taiwan their new homes.

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Forumosa.com的前身是Oriented.org,分家後由Gus Adapon與Anthony van Dyck等人負責經營,是一個非營利性的網站,也是目前台灣最大的外國人網路社群。

站長Gus Adapon與Anthony van Dyck在What's up in Taiwan剛開播就與我們聯繫,希望能互相提供連結,或是進一步的合作。其實我們受惠較多,透過Gus與Anthony,我們已經找到兩位受訪者,並且有許多聽眾都是來自Forumosa,它就像是我們的資料庫。


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