WuiT #030: Mark Forman

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Mark is one of the earliest podcasters of that we have wanted to interview; he lives in the central part of this island, has a family, runs his own business, and makes the effort of posting 3 shows (Getting a Leg Up, Ex-Wives Files, and Mindfield), very busy man. The contents include music, culture, and a very interesting Sci-Fi audio novel. There is also an interview of Mark with the Deadpan Show if you want to get to know more about the Shogun of Taiwan.

We had the pleasure of meeting Mark’s lovely family before the interview, his son has been skeptical if there was anyone out there that are actually listening to the show that his father works so hard on, we were more than happy to be the proof of his efforts.

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第一次用Taiwan這個關鍵字在iTunes裡搜尋Podcast,時間是2005年七月,當時就找到Mark Forman的Getting a Leg Up,以及Gem的[Misadventures in Taiwan],他們毫無疑問是第一批從台灣發聲的Podcasters。


除了Getting a Leg up是以音樂為主,Mark還製作了Ex-Wives Files的有聲書,以及Mindfield,可說相當忙碌。(還有另一個Mark Forman的Podcast專訪,有興趣的朋友也可以點這裡下載


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