WuiT #031: Jamii Szmadzinski

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Jamii Szmadzinski is a world-class musician, and a key member of the Grammy awards winning “Shadowfax”, which is one of the most influential groups in New Age music.

Jamii did a small recital at a local lounge bar as a favor for the owner who has been his good friend for over 20 years, and we were invited to attend. Although Jamii had a very limited space to perform, and the place was packed with customers chattering away while covered in cigarette smoke, he still delivered a wonderful show that was equivalent to a large stadium concert.

He still practices his violin skills at least 3 hours a day from what we heard, goes to show you that excellence doesn’t come easy in any field.

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故事要從二十年前說起,年輕一點的網友大概不知道『蚱蜢』李恕權是誰了,但也許你看過一篇在網路上被多次轉寄的文章『五年後你在幹嘛?』。短文的作者李恕權,在亞洲一炮而紅的首張專輯『迴』,製作班底中有一位兩屆葛來美音樂獎的得主,也就是本集的受訪者,Jamii Szmadzinski。在八零年代的音樂場景中,New Music曾一度引領風騷,Jamii也是當時New Music的一個重要團體Shadowfax的小提琴手。





Toby said...

Great guest, great music, great show. Thanks Henry and Julian. I think this is one of the best episodes you guys have ever made. CU in Taiwan in September.

Henry said...

Hey Toby,
thank you for the support, we do what we can, and it was a great honor meeting Jamii. Looking forward to meeting you in September on our favorite island...


marcus said...

What was that final insertion of the background music with Buddhist scripture?

Great show though
Never missed an episode.

Anonymous said...

As a student who study in Canada, your podcast has been keeping Taiwan so close to my heart! I really want to thank you for what you're doing. I've also been a royal listener too.

I just want to find out from you that what's the name of the CD Jamii mention at the end of this episode? Can you please reply with the name for the CD?

Thank you so much and keep up the good work!!