WuiT #032: Damon and Katherine Douglas (part 1)

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Damon is currently studying for his doctorate in Pharmiceuticals in Philadelphina, his wife Katherine is a Taiwanese-American working as a nurse.

Katherine discovered “What’s up in Taiwan” while going through the directory of iTunes Podcast and soon became a loyal listener. Every weekend, she would download the latest episode and share it with her husband. Maybe it’s somewhat of a comfort for her nostalgia, and to help Damon in his education in becoming the perfect Taiwanese son in-law. We have also been receiving letters of encouragement and helpful comments from the wonderful couple for quite sometime now.

Damon and Katherine decided to visit in June; they made plans to tour around the island in just 9 days, but we managed to meet them for an interview in Taichung right before they departed for home. Damon’s introduction of Taiwan was very touching; we can tell he really did a great share of research as he traveled through out the island. He wanted to express some of the close observations of what the Taiwanese people have been feeling recently at the end of the interview, which we have posted earlier as a separate segment.

Thanks to these genuine admirers of Taiwan, and please ask those with interesting stories about Taiwan to contact us.

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去年Katherine在iTunes Podcast目錄中發現我們後,就立刻成為忠實聽眾。每個週末,Katherine會下載最新一集的節目與Damon一起收聽,也許Katherine可以解解鄉愁,而Damon可以更像台灣女婿... 當然,我們也就不斷地收到Damon和Katherine的來信,有鼓勵,有支持,也有對節目的意見。



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