WuiT #034: Matthias and Angela Reetz (part 1)

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[Show Notes]
Our listeners truly come from all over the world! This is becoming sort of the unofficial month for our supporters, sharing their feelings about Taiwan in the interviews.

The story is almost identical to that of Damon and Katherine. We have been receiving letters of support and useful comments from Matthias and his Taiwanese wife Angela since the early stages of “What’s up in Taiwan”. They met in years ago and got married pretty quickly. Currently residing in Zürich, this was their vacation visiting family and friends, and we managed to get in touch for an interview.

We met at Angela’s brother’s coffee shop, where we were greeted by the warmest Taiwanese hospitality and free coffee. Matthias asked Angela if she cared to response first whenever we presented a question, a true gentleman. It might have been love at first sight over a decade ago, but we are sure the feelings have lasted. Speaking if “love at first sight”, you can pick up a little German lesson as a bonus for this episode.

Learning Chinese is certainly a global trend that has been really heating up recently, there are parents in New York forking out big money to hire Chinese baby-sitters so their children can grow up in a Chinese-speaking environment. There are many heated debates about learning traditional Chinese or simplified Chinese over the internet constantly. Matthias shared that 90% of the Chinese students in Germany decided to go to China; you can hear what he has to say being the minority.

Angela’s brother’s coffee is called KC Café in Taipei City; the phone number is (02)2393-6188. Pay them a visit, the coffee is excellent and there is free wireless internet access.

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我們的聽眾真的遍佈全球,不是蓋的!這個月可以說What's up in Taiwan的忠實聽眾分享月。本週我們將繼續推出WuiT忠實聽眾的訪問。

幾乎與Damon和Katherine一樣的故事,從What's up in Taiwan推出不久,我們就常常接到Matthias來信鼓勵與建議,Matthias的太太Angela是台灣人,兩人在台灣相識、很短的時間就步入禮堂,目前定居瑞士蘇黎世。今年夏天回台灣探親,便與我們聯繫並安排訪問。

訪問的地點是Angela哥哥開的咖啡館,我們當然受到熱情的招待與免費咖啡,在過程中Matthias每個問題都會請示Angela是否要先回答,非常有紳士風度,似乎十幾年前的一見鍾情,持續到現在... 說到一見鍾情,你將可以透過本節目學會德語版本,也算是聽我們節目的附加價值。


Angela哥哥開的Cafe叫「侃奇咖啡館」(KC Café),地址:台北市杭州南路1段99號1樓,電話:(02)2393-6188,咖啡好喝、又可無線上網。


Anonymous said...

Hi Henry, Julian

I am Sam, a student in Taiwan.

Thanks for your podcast, it is very interesting and helpful.

I didn’t so fascinated to listen to English, because some materials I got did not always attract me.

One day I found your podcast and I was eager to listen to it again and again.

Even I couldn’t understand all the dialogues, it didn’t wane my passion for listening to your show.

The podcast I received today, July 29. when Sophie asked Mark what did he like the most of Taiwan, he replied “ it is people without hands down without question.”

Could you tell me what ‘without hands down’ means?

Thank you!

Your faithful audience, Sam

Henry said...

Hey Sam,
thank you so much for supporting us for a long as you have, we will continue to do the best we can to show our appriciation to all of our listener. In regards of your question, "hands down" means 120%, no doubt about it, totally and absolutely. For example, if you ask me what's my favorite food, and I answer by saying, "stinky tofu is my favorite hands down", that means it is absolutely my favorite, no questions asked. I hope I explained it well enough so you can understand.

PS. Please continue to listen to our show and share it with your friends. Our Chinese Podcase should be out soon, and I will be sharing lots more of fun English sayings with everyone, thanks again!

your show host,

Anonymous said...

hey Henry

Thank you for your explanation. It is very clear and helpful.
Now I've understood the meaning of "hands down."

There is no doubt that English learners in Taiwan will enjoy this program.
All my friends enjoy this podcast,either.
They will be crazy if they see your reply.
We will do our best to promote this podcast.


hhl101 said...

Hey Sam,
you are more than welcome, just glad that I was able to help. Please write us if you and your friends have any suggestions or questions, we will do what we can..

have fun!

your show host,

Anonymous said...

Hi Henry,
are you still the show host ? If it is like that, maybe you would like to contact me ? I am a german classical singer and I know Matthias.