WuiT #035: Matthias and Angela Reetz (part 2)

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This is the continuation of the interview with Matthias and Angela from last week.

Other than visiting friends and family, Matthias also shot footages for a popular German video podcast, it hasn’t been posted, but check it out when you can: Around the World Video Podcast.

We have an introduction of from yet another beautiful girl from our island. Her name is Natalie, and she will be recommending some historical sites in Tainan to everyone.

Please come join the fun!

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本週繼續未完的Matthias and Angela的訪問。

Matthias此行還幫一位德國的Video Podcaster拍攝介紹台灣的短片,大家也許可以留意一下:Around the World Video Podcast,雖然目前尚未發佈。


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Prince Roy said...

good stuff. Funny (cute) how Angela's English has a decided German accent!