WuiT #036: Michael Turton (part 1)

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If you type in “Taiwan blog” on any search engine as a keyword, Michael Turton’s personal blog will always be on the 1st page of the results. And on the 2nd page, also on the 3rd page…and so forth and so forth, he is everywhere!

We posted a short 30 seconds promo right before we started running the show last November, and Michael Turton introduced us on his bog in less than 2 hours after the moment we clicked the upload button. God bless the man!

We have been subscribing RSS Feeds from many different blogs for a while now, which of course includes Michael’s "The View from Taiwan". If there are any articles marked unread on display; it’s almost always from Michael, completing this much work all by himself is simply incredible.

Michael has been living in Taiwan as a resident since 1989. He is now married to a Taiwanese wife with 2 beautiful children, and currently teaching in Chaoyang University.

A foreigner (although he probably doesn’t consider himself as a foreigner anymore) that has dedicated this much time, effort and energy to makes this particular episode a must, there is no good reason to miss it!

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當你在網路上使用任何一個搜尋引擎,用”Taiwan blog”當關鍵字去找,Michael Turton的部落格永遠會出現在第一頁的結果之中,還有第二頁… 還有第三頁…還有… 怎麼到處都是?


長期以來,我訂閱了好幾個部落格的 RSS Feed,當然包括Michael的The View from Taiwan,每天電腦上如果顯示有新的文章未讀,幾乎都是來自Michael 的部落格,我開始懷疑有好幾個Michael TurtonS,這決不是一個人的工作量…

1989年後 Michael 定居台灣,娶了台灣老婆,有兩個可愛的孩子,目前在台中的朝陽大學教書。

這一集是What’s up in Taiwan必聽的訪問,一個花了這麼多時間、精力、心思向全世界介紹台灣的老外,你沒有理由錯過。


fiLi said...

I've been following Michael for a while now. Was really interesting hearing him talk...

Thanks for a very nice episode. Great choice with Michael...

Michael Turton said...

Thanks for the great intro! I can't wait to hear myself.


Ian A said...

I am a big Turton fan, it was fun to hear him talk. I thought he sounded different than I imagined.
The story about the water was really interesting as well.

fiLi said...

BTW - not that it matters, but if you put "taiwan blog" on google, Michael comes up 4th, 5th in MSN, etc. :)

Jerry said...

Gee! I haven't been so keyed up in a long time.I couldn't help listening to 10 episodes in a row,from episode 27 to episode 36 . Henry tries to keep every episode short and sweet,but I just can't get enough of it. How could it be a show done by amature podcasters?? It's absolutely professinal,considering its music editing , sound effects and oringinality. It's awesome!! I just can't wait to "catch up with" all the good time I've missed.

More power to you guys !!

Henry said...

Hey Jerry,
thank you, thank you, and thank you some more...

your show host,


smurfett820 said...

i really liked this podcast. It was full of interesting tidbits about taiwan that we don't usually hear about. And Michael is very articulate.

Antonio said...

oh..my god is Michael...that's right he is crazy at blogging! I really can't believe he is my teacher...><