WuiT #037: Michael Turton (part 2)

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This week is the 2nd half of our interview with Michael Turton.

This interview was actually conducted over 6 months ago, and the reason for the delay is that we didn’t know how do deal with the vast amount of information given by Michael. The interview was originally over 50 minutes in length, and the content also involved political topics, something we did not chose to talk about at that stage ( Because there was already way too much politics occupying our lives).

Right now seems to be the best time to post this interview, and if you still don’t know who Michael Turton is; check out his blog right away.

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本週繼續是Michael Turton的第二段訪問。

其實這段訪問早在半年前就做完了,但遲遲沒有推出,原因是當時我們完全無法處理這樣份量的內容,Michael與我們做了50分鐘的錄音,其中提及政治的部份,也是當初我們不希望在What’s up in Taiwan出現的話題(因為我們生活中真的太多政治了)。

經過這一段時間,似乎現在聽正是時候。如果你還不知道Michael Turton是誰,趕快去訂閱他的部落格


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When I try to subscribe to your podcast using the link on this page for iTunes there are no downloadable podcasts there. Also, when I go directly to iTunes to subscribe I get an error message in my iTunes which says that there are no downloadable episodes available.

What's up?

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is something wrong with our RSS feed, I am looking for support from FeedBurner.com now. Since this is a free service, guess we can only wait... sorry for the inconvenience, and Thank you for telling us, we need our listeners to do that!