WuiT #038: David Reid

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If you followed our suggestion from last week and typed in “Taiwan Blog” as a keyword in any search engine, then you won’t be unfamiliar with the title David's Guide to Taiwan, so here is yet another blogger for you this week.

David resides on Banciao of Taipei County, and he asked us to meet at the top of Taipei County Hall for the interview. Although Banciao is only a river away from the city of Taipei, but we haven’t had the chance of visiting it for a while, and the improvements really astonished us. Wide streets, convenient MRT system, merging of the residential and business districts, all these are just some of the reasons why David decided to live in Taipei County.

After we finished the interview, David stayed to take some pictures, clearly another interest of his. We urge everyone to visit his blog site and perhaps bookmarking it, David's blog is very considerate and easy-going, much like his own personality. He has helped many of us in gathering information about ; it can really assist you in many ways.

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你有試著如上星期我們所建議的,用 "Taiwan Blog" 為關鍵字,輸入任何搜尋引擎嗎?如果有,這個網址必然也不陌生,就是David's Guide to Taiwan.




Mark said...

I've always enjoyed David's blog, and I'm glad to hear him on the show!

fiLi - 安斐理 said...

Another great pick. Thanks...

David said...

My blog has moved to a new domain. You can now find it at:


Anonymous said...

David, I have update all the links to your new blog. Thank you for the notice!