WuiT #039: Olivia Steyn

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It is a little surprising that someone as young and attractive as Olivia has such passion for the crowded and noisy night markets of . She has a simple reason for her love of shopping at these lively spots, the opportunity of bargaining, bargaining, and more bargaining.

We can tell how sincere she is about her hobby when we met at the marketplace. Even though the primary objective was doing the interview, she purchased a belt, a pair of shoes. We also had a very reasonably priced meal of Thai food before we turned on the microphone.

It’s true that there is no place like the Taiwanese night markets in the world, and there is at least one in every city and every town of our island. You can get a fair selection of almost everything you need on a daily basis, and a great variety of Taiwanese cuisine, or even just to hang out and kill time with your buddies, the Taiwanese night markets will satisfied your every need.

There is an article about the Taiwanese night markets in The Bala Daily; we really think it is worth reading if you’re interested.

Photos of Tonghua Market by Danburg Murmur on flickr, or click here for some of the picture we took that evening.

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Olivia不是夜店女王,她是夜市女王。像Olivia這樣年輕、具吸引力的女孩,卻深深被喧鬧、擁擠、五味雜陳的台灣夜市吸引,因為在夜市血拼,可以不停地玩一個附帶的遊戲,殺價! 殺價! 殺價!



The Bala Daily有一篇關於台灣夜市的文章,我們認為很值得一讀!

flickr上由Danburg Murmur所拍攝的通化街夜市照片,或


timdream said...

Hey! Very EXCITING podcast! Why don't you try something different like video podcasting?
THAT would be REALLY cool!

Seal&Vito said...

Oh! That sound! Afrkaan
I haven't hear anyone talk in this language for so long.

Crazily interesting.

D.A. said...

Taiwanese night markets are the best! There is nothing like making a night out of eating deep fried something covered in MSG, and buying some pirated movies or cd's. Ahh, thats the life!

Beau said...

I think you can go to the night markets of Tainan.It's very fun at there.Finally,I hope you can post video podcasting.It smells funny.