WuiT #041: Dieter Neumann (part 2)

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This week is the second part of our interview with Mr. Dieter Neumann; the topic is mainly focused on the development for Taiwanese tourism.

Here is a letter that Mr. Neumann passed on to us the following day of the interview; it is his views on Taiwanese health care. He asked us to present it for him, and it goes as follows:

My message to government and politicians:

The mandatory National Health Insurance and recently passed legislation to establish a retirement fund for employees at the expense of entrepreneurs is worth some praise, without much doubt, but do not let this be the beginning of copying the "cradle-to-grave" social care system that just now collapses in Germany after 125 years. Relieving people from performance pressure and self-responsibility will make them complacent and unfit for life. Do not lure them with false sentimentality; tell them the truth: Only the fear to fail keeps people alive and alert! Fear of existence and social pressure are the best guarantors for human efficiency! Sounds bitter- -but truth is like medicine; it MUST taste bitter, or it will not work! If you learn that from me, that only and nothing else, then I can pass away in peace, knowing that my 30 years of time on Taiwan were not wasted.

Dieter Neumann

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本週繼續是 Dieter Neumann 先生訪問的第二部份,話題集中在對台灣觀光產業發展的建議。

這裡有一份 Dieter Neumann 先生隔天寄給我們的信件,內容是他對保險制度的呼籲,他希望我們能放在他的介紹裡。


Anonymous said...

Mr Neumann seems like a nice enough guy, but that picture... those glasses...


Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm ignorant, but I found this to be boring.

Luo2 You1 said...

Sorry, I can´t agree with Mr Neumann´s message to goverment and politician. First, the social system in Germany is still working and not collapsing. If the German social system has problems, it is not because people are unfit and complacent. The main reason is the demographic change and the economic development. You have to look to East Europe and China, then you see the new conditions. If people become unfit, you will find the reasons in the outdated German education system, that supports social segration and missing education especially for the immigrants and lower classes.