WuiT #043: Nicholas Pena Alvarez

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Nicholas is a 27 year-old young man from Canada who has only been in for merely 7 weeks when we did the interview, but within that short time frame, he managed to visit all of the popular nightspots in Taipei.

Nick is currently employed by the Landis Taipei Hotel as the chef of La Brasserie Restaurant. This is certainly not a common position for someone his age. He feels that he was hired due to his training and experiences, and the willingness to try creative new ideas, as well as his easy going personality, and we have to agree. Any hotel owner would be delighted to have a chef that can cook as well as entertain the guests.

Nick talked to us about the fascinating similarities between sugar and glass before the interview, he can basically create anything with sugar that you can do with glass. He has once worked for over 30 continuous hours in extreme heat to build a life-sized eatable jukebox. We are looking forward to seeing more of his amazing creations in Taipei.

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