WuiT #044: Daniel Wallace (part 1)

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Daniel was originally from London; he gave up his job three years ago and started traveling around the world. We understand that he has been to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and China just to name a few. He had a personal website "Suitcasing", which is under construction at the moment, but you can see the passion he had for traveling.

The interview was done in a very relaxed fashion; Daniel talked about being a foreigner in Taipei, the different mannerism of the people between and China, the pros and cons of blogging, the excellent hidden spots in the alleys of Taipei, and his general disappointment in the foreigners on the island.

Due to copyright restrictions, we are unable to play “Englishman in New York” preformed by Sting during the show, the song that played repeatedly in our heads after our interview with Mr. Wallace.

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Daniel 來自英國,三年前放棄銀行的工作,開始旅遊,我們知道他去了馬來西亞、新加坡、泰國、昆明… 他的個人網站叫 suitcasting.com(目前暫時關閉),可以看出他對旅行的熱誠。

訪問在很放鬆的氣氛下進行,Daniel 談到一個外國人在台灣的感受、兩岸華人表現友誼的不同方式、寫部落格的優點與缺點、藏在台北巷弄裡的有趣的店鋪、還有,他對在台灣的外國人的普遍失望…

Daniel 其實是本節目最早的受訪者之一。訪問結束後,他來信表示當天表現的太客氣了,如果有機會重來,他會表達的更清楚。六個月後,我們又在他頂樓加蓋的公寓中見面,他還是很客氣,只是,這次他很直接。謝謝他花了兩次的時間,分享許多有趣的看法。

由於版權的限制,我們無法在節目中播出 Sting 演唱的 Englishman in New York。


Daniel said...

Jesus, I sound posh!

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Go Daniel! :D


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Interesting podcast WuiT .. Keep it up !

Daniel, posh is good =)

Bavarian said...

Yes, keep the podcast up! A new, but regular listener from Europe...

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Hey Bavarian,
we sure will...we sure will...thanks!

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