Dan Bloom Special to China Post

Expats podcast about 'What's Up in Taiwan'
by Dan Bloom

Thanks, Dan!


Daniel said...

Congratulations, guys!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Daniel, and I have noticed "Suitcasing" is back, Good luck!

Nathan Miller said...

Wow! Great job!!

dan said...

and Julian and Henry, and Daniel, thanks for your time and quotes.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Love your podcast :)

Your little fan

pokaya said...

Well done!guys~The first thinking to make this podcsat show was very inspiring.I respect what you have done.I have introduced it on my blog. www.wretch.cc/blog/pokaya
Hope to see more and more people enjoy the show and do something in Taiwan.PS:Henry is the most humorous showhost I have heard so far.Especially the monolog part,always make me laugh!