WuiT #049: Jamali Jack & Jeana Noel (part 2)

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This week is the second part of our interview with Jamali and Jeana, we asked the lovely couple to introduce their beautiful island. Jamali sent us some special music that we will be playing in the background, see if you can feel the vibes of the Caribbean.

Link to Raffles Resort Canouan Island.

PS, This interview was held on a windy afternoon, the sound quality was barely managable. We appologize to those whe actually cares (/K0?.

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Jamali said...

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the interview. We really had a lot of fun and are continuing to get positive feedback from friends and family around the world. 謝謝你們!

Jamali said...

I forgot to send you this address for the top resort on our Grenadine island of Canouan. www.rafflescanouan.com

Winnie said...

i just happened to drop by and i find this blog really, really inspiring

a true eye-opener.

never seen taiwan from a non-native's eye

thank you for the hard work!

Winnie said...

this blog is not only interesting but also very meaningful.

i look forward to further podcasts.

Winnie said...

hi julian and team.

i've shared this blog with my fellow club members from UBCLE just this afternoon.

I am sure they will be very interested. =)


Anonymous said...

Great! Thank you, Winnie!