WuiT #046: Tomer Feldman

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Tomer(front) is originally from Israel, worked as a chef in New York and fell in love with his current wife Jun(back) from Malaysia during their time there. After a trip together in Asia, Tomer returned to New York while Jun went and visited her relatives back home. When Jun attempted to return to New York to meet with Tomer, her visa was denied by the U.S. customs. Also because of Tomer's nationality, he is unable to enter Malaysia. Due to all of these unpredicted elements, they decided to meet in Taiwan.

This meant that they had to start everything from scratch, and brand new way of life had to emerge. They supported each other faithfully, and after 5 years of hard work and adjusting to the lifestyles In Taiwan, Tomer is now a co-owner of Sababa Pita Bar, and formed the rock band "Neon" with his wife Jun as the lead singer. They are also the proud parents of their beautiful baby girl named Mika.

Neon's first album will be released by January 2007, produced by one of the most well-known musicians in Taiwan, Mr. Bobby Chen. Sababa Pita Bar might have just opened very recently, but there are already people saying great things about it on their personal blogs.

Sababa Pita Bar (Photos by Orange)

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這幾乎是將一切歸零,而選擇重新開始的決定。經過五年的適應、努力與相互支持,現在Tomer開了自己的餐廳Sababa Pita Bar,和Jun組了自己的樂團Neon,還擁有一個寶貝女兒Mika。

Neon將於2007年1月發片,製作人是陳昇。Sababa Pita Bar雖然剛開幕,已經有網友在部落格裡報導了。


David said...

Interesting story. Got to go and check out their felafel!

Anonymous said...

On behalf of my Israeli boyfriend I would like to say: the interview "Haya Bemet Sababa"


Nathan Miller said...

Wonderful story. I wish him all the success...Opening such a place in Fukuoka would be tough...Best of luck!!

Henry said...

To Nathan,
just so you know, the last time I was at Sababa, it was packed jam!

and to ChihChien,
I'm very happy that you have a Israeli boyfriend, but can you be kind enough to tell us what "Haya Bemet" means?

Have Fun Everyone!

your show host,

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the confusion. "Haya bemet" means "truly was."
As I have mentioned, I enjoy this program very much, and would like to have my boyfriend be interviewed (if at all we get your approval) next time when both of us are back to Taiwan :)


Julian Yu said...

Thank you for your support, 小倩。 Feel Free to contact us when you're in town.

fiLi said...

There are Israelis listening to this podcast who adore Taiwan. I even run an Israeli blog about the Taiwan passion.
"Come to Taiwan and you'll have fun, it's a COOL place!" is the translation to the short Hebrew message. Go Tomer and Jun! Good luck with the new Pita place, hope you got some good Hummos over there.

Thanks for a truly wonderful podcast session.

Anonymous said...

great food and service. the ingredients are so fresh. highly recommended.