WuiT #051: Rebecca Redhead (part 2)

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We are unmasking the lovely Rebecca out of her scuba gear this week, and sharing her with the rest of the world. She doesn’t denied the fact of being a feminist, also stated that she would much rather be developing her business career rather than cooking in the kitchen. She believes that everyone has their special field of expertise, nobody should be limited the traditional portrayal by the society. We dedicate this show to the men of Taiwan.

PS. Our gratitude to Mr. Daniel Wallace, thanks again for introducing us to such a great
interviewee. We like to encourage all of our listeners to suggest excellent potential guests
for our show, we will do our very best to invite them.

Our friend Sven Hoppenhoft from Germany did 9 episodes of sound-seeing of Taiwan with interesting photos. You can check them out at Reisecast

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本週揭曉親切大方的Rebecca的廬山真面目。她不否認是個女性主義者,也大方的表示,要她在家煮飯做家事,她還寧願去職場工作賺錢養家,她認為每個人有不同的擅長,所以不該受限於刻板印象中... 僅將本集節目獻給全台灣的男性。

ps, 感謝 Daniel 介紹這麼出色的受訪者給我們,也歡迎各位聽眾推薦優秀的受訪者,我們將會盡力邀請。
德國的朋友 Sven Hoppenhöft 以德語做了9集的台灣觀光報導,配合有趣的圖片,歡迎聽眾前往觀賞。


Chris said...

For your birthday issue: I'd just be interested in you guys - nothing special but who you are, what you do and maybe some answers to the same questions you ask the people on your show (what do you particularly like about Taiwan, etc.). Sitting far away from Taiwan (in Germany) I just don't know anything about the guys behind the really great (!) podcast. Yes, it is a wonderful podcast with great humor! I can't wait for the next edition! Happy birthday!

Ian A. said...

I wrote an e-mail to you for the show but really I agree with Chris- it would be cool for Henry and Julian to interview each other- just about the same things as usual so we know more about you!

Julian Yu said...

Thank you guys, we will work on it.

Londoner said...

Well said, Rebecca. Hope you enjoy Taipei to the full. I (a Taiwanes PhD student in London) do like London very much. Perhaps I'll see you in London then.