WuiT #055: Fr. Barry Martinson S. J.

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It’s Christmas time again; this is the second Christmas since we started this podcast. What can we say? Time flies when you’re having fun! Last year, we had Father Jerry on our show for Christmas, and it was truly the greatest Christmas gift, also the 1st time we felt that we were on the right track.

Father Jerry mentioned his brother Barry on the show and we had decided that for this year, we’ll have Father Barry celebrating Christmas with us. Little did we know that it took over 2 hours of driving into the mountain of Ju-Don to meet him in person, and worth every second, not to mention the beautiful scenery along the way. We got to interview Father Barry Martinson S. J., both Martinson brothers have dedicated their lives to servicing Taiwan for over 35 years, Thank you both so very much and Merry Christmas!

We couldn't stay for lunch with Father Barry, this is the persimmon he gave us for our trip. One of the many delicious fruits of Taiwan.

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jingsaws said...

Yeah! WuiT's now approaching another
New X'mas. Today's podcast remind me
all happy memory from this wonderful podcast.
今天的Podcast ㄧ樣很棒喔!

schneiderama said...

I met Father Barry Martinson at the tail end of the 2010 Peace Fest (Jest?). He fed several of us participants at his wonderful round table in his quarters in the huge rambling church/school there in Taoshan village area. What a great man, Spirit, smile!

Look fwd. to returning some day to spend more time bearing some of my to-be-translated children's stories.

I have a white 13 inch MacBook that went missing at the Fest. Does Fr. Barry have an email contact?
John Schneider aka Schneiderama