WuiT #057: Elias Ek (part 1)

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Elias Ek is originally from Sweden, he has traveled and resided in many countries such as the US and Japan, that is until he met his Taiwanese wife and moved here. The Taiwanese entrepreneurial spirit went very well with Elias personality; he generated a passion for new businesses and ideas. He felt that starting a personal business is rarely welcomed and encouraged as much in his mother country.

Elias and his wife founded “Enspyre” 4 years ago. His wife passed away from a sudden heart attack on the way of meeting a client a little while back. Still, Elias didn’t pack up and leave this island; he is still working very hard on this project that he and his darling wife started. We hope the very best of things for Elias and “Enspyre” in this New Year!

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Ian A. said...

Haha - this was a cute one.
You should interview a Bin Lang girl actually that would be funny!

I think hes right though, a lot of places in taiwan are like a tunnel of uglyness with the light at the end being a really beautiful spot.

JuJu & BiBi said...

A fun podcast covering the top 10 things for celebrating Chinese New Year just got published from ChineseLogic.com. You can listen to it for free here.