WuiT #009: Chinese New Year

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It is ! This character means "Spring" in Chinese. It is an emblem that we put on walls and doors during the celebration. We place them upside down to signify the arrival, because arrival and upside down has the same pronunciation [dao], please do not use this as a reference if you are planning on getting a tattoo... But if you would really like to get your names written in Chinese for tattooing or any other purposes, write us, maybe we can help.

春節要回高雄過年,於是做了一集What's up in Taiwan精華版,有點歲末回顧,除舊佈新的意思,沒想到花了比平常多出好幾倍的時間剪輯,最後在頭昏眼花中完成。在高速公路上用iPod聽了一遍,覺得這些受訪者說得真好...我們每次去做訪問,都會請對方有話直說,不必刻意說好話來推銷台灣,但是這一集連我聽了都有點感動,歡迎網友盡量轉載!


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jingsaws said...

Nice job ! You really are ! Actually I am doing some podcasts too, but now I stuck on Burning the feed , seems like I got to learn some HTML or something.
Anyway ,In recent podcasts about Taiwan, the best
of them is "What's up in Taiwan" definitely !