WuiT #042: Ekaterina Anatolievna Nikitina

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Words like excited and anxious are understatements when we found out we had the opportunity of interviewing a Russian model, even though she ended up at our meeting with her handsome husband.

Ekaterina Anatolievna Nikitina(A.K.A. KaiDi) moved to with her then boyfriend and now husband. They are both part-time models, and as you can tell by their picture that they are more than qualified for the job. Photography is also one of KaiDi's many interests; here are some photos she took on her trip to Sun Moon Lake.

This is a link to her personal website if you are interested in checking out more of her work. KaiDi also told us that she is more than ready to take pictures of the beautiful Taiwanese girls on the weekends, contact her by e-mail if you would like to pose for her. She will even give you a disk of your pictures as a memento.

The ending music was provided to us by Miss Cincin Lee, the winner of The Golden Horse Award for best musical accompaniment in a film. The awarded song's title is "Meeting Spring Wind", a very traditional and popular folk song of Taiwan. We would like to express our appreciation for her consent of using the piece.

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還有 KaiDi的網站連結,有興趣的朋友,可以前往觀賞她的作品。KaiDi表示,如果有漂亮女生想在週末擔任她的免費模特兒,可以Email與她連絡,她會以拍攝完成的相片光碟相贈 。



Hans said...

Dear Henry,

I consulted my Bulgarian colleague and translated the lines of your Russian model guest for me:

"I would like to say that Taiwan is a very nice country with very nice people. I enjoy traveling around and discover".

So, sorry to say that she did not comment on your looks... :-(.


Michael Turton said...

Yowza. You know, you guys ought to interview Caroline Gluck, the BBC reporter who freelances for Radio Taiwan International. Judging from her last report for the BBC, she doesn't know a whole lot about Taiwan, but she's had some fascinating experiences reporting from all over Asia. Her website page is here:



Anonymous said...

Thank you, Michael! This is what I need the most right now, keep it coming.

Tom Yang said...

Dear Henry and Julian,
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Toastmaster Club itself is the most renowned English speaking club in Taiwan. It dwells on public speaking training and rhetorics, some sort like the Martin Luther King stuff. Any foreigner may want to take a look at the rich content of this mysterious society. Also, there're so many international students at Yang Ming University. Their career/life experiences can make fascinating topics.

The contest is on October 4th (Tuesday) 6:30~9:00 pm.
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This year there are several native speakers among our new members!!
We are really desperate for an extremely experienced public speaker such as you to be our judge. You are the number one show host we unanimously agreed!
Do we have the honor to invite you over?

And I'd like to express my deepest gratitude if you may kindly offer to be one of our judges. We will appreciate so so much if you may come.

Hope to hear from you soon. :)

Utmost Sincerity,
Tom Yang

Anonymous said...

Also, Henry, you might be interested in Jeff Martin. Here's his presentation:

Fascinating anthro research into Taiwan's police


Henry said...

Hey Hans,
thanks for the effort, I am really impressed by how quickly you responded, you rock!

your show host,

Anonymous said...

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Brad Altemeyer said...

This was my first episode to listen to, very nice- brought back some memories of my three years in Taipei- including my one day as a hand model. I love the concept of What's up in Taiwan. Fantastic. -wow, has it been 13 years since I was there? I've got to go back sometime

Anonymous said...

Welcome Brad, 13 years had made Taipei a totally different city now, do come back and share your story with us!